JAM Orange welcomes both musicians and music lovers to join and support our activities. As a member of JAM Orange, you have the satisfaction of being part of a cooperative network, while gaining the extra benefits available to members:

  • JAM Orange newsletters and event notifications directly to you by email
  • Facebook page to keep you up to date with relevant events.
  • Website listing for musician’s services.
  • Discounts at nominated JAM events and participating local businesses.
  • Voting rights at Special and Annual General Meetings of the Association

The current annual membership fee is $12.

The membership year is from 1 July of the current year to 30 June of the following year.

Membership is due on the 1st of July each year and you cease to become a member of JAM Orange if your annual membership fee is not paid within 3 months of the due date.

*By joining JAM Orange as a member, you are agreeing to support the Constitution  and the Objects of Association  of JAM Orange


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We are a Not-For-Profit organization who aim to support music in the Orange region  -  support and develop local musicians  -  support and develop music events.